General Entry Rules

  1. The club runs two in-club competition a year. One in the Fall (October/November) and one in the Spring (February/March)
  2. For the Fall competition all entries will be Digital. Members entering will submit a digital copy of their images to, use jpg format and resize the image to 1400 pixels on the long side. Please name all images as follows: Name of photographer, Entry Level, Title and Category (e.g.”JohnSmith_Novice_Sunset_Landscapes”) . The title of the image must match the image name on your entry form
  3. For the Spring competition all entries are Prints Only and the image itself must be:  8″x10″, 8.5″x11″, 8″x12″, or between 80 and 96 square inches.  No matts or frames. Regular borders are permitted (ie. border options from Costco Lab, Walmart Lab, Don’s Photo Lab, etc).
  4. All entries must be taken within the past 2 years.
  5. Images are judged in three different entry levels: Novice, Intermediate and Advanced.
  6. A maximum of FIVE entries per photographer can be entered per In-Club Competition. There is no limit on the number of entries per category.  If you want to enter all your images in one category you may do so.
  7. For the Spring Print competition, all members entering must also submit a digital copy of their image to, use jpg format and resize the image to 1400 pixels on the long side. Please name all image to match the image names on your entry form. If no digital copy of entries is submitted, winning images may not be able to be properly viewed on presentation night.
  8. Both Colour and Black & White images are allowed in all categories and will be judged together unless an image is specifically entered into the “Monochrome” Category.
  9. Name of photographer, Entry Level, Title and Category must be included in the naming of the digital file (Fall Competition) as follows “JohnSmith_Novice_Sunset_Landscapes”and on the back of each print (Spring Competition) with an arrow pointing to the top.
  10. Digital manipulation of images is acceptable in all categories but the results must look realistic.
  11. The RPC is a Family Oriented Organization and photos entered are to be appropriate for family viewing.
  12. Entry forms must be completed and handed in at the close of each Competition deadline.
    Entries submitted without an Official Competition Form may be disqualified. Entries will be judged in the category specified on the entry form. Entries may be disqualified if the entry form is incomplete or late.
  13. All decisions are made by the judges and Competition Chairperson are final.
  14. All entries will be critiqued by the judges so that the photographer may improve their photography. The critique will be provided in writing.
  15. Judges can enter but must judge a different level of competition than they entered into.
  16. Entries with marks identifying the photographer on the image itself (e.g. watermark) will not be accepted or judged.
  17. Any and all questions are to be directed to inclub@reginaphotoclub.comThis eliminates the opportunity for potential judges to view images prior to the competition.