The Regina Photo Club offers many opportunities to help improve your photography.  This can include In-Club digital competitions, Club Shots Presentations, Facebook theme challenges, and the province wide Sask-Am competition.

Competitions allow members to show their work, see the work of their peers, exchange ideas and techniques, and also receive constructive critiques by objective judges.  This is all accomplished in an informal friendly environment.

The Regina Photo Club yearly holds 2 In-Club digital competitions.  With these competitions you can enter up to 5 prints in any of the categories outlined. The photos are judged by a panel of judges on technical, composition, and impact aspects of photography.

More information on the In-Club competitions can be found here.

Club Shots :  At the start of each month, we will show your photos. Maybe we’ll talk about them, or maybe we’ll just look at them. All you need to do is send by email to, 1 or 2 photos before the Tuesday we meet, and we will  open the meeting with what we call Club Shots.  If you cannot email the photos bring one or two on a thumb drive.