The situation with the Corona Virus has resulted in many things being cancelled and the Photo Club is no exception. The government has restricted the number of people that can attend a meeting and our meetings would fall outside that number. So until the situation improves we will be cancelling further meetings. This might take us to the end of the club year, but hopefully we'll see the situation improve before that. We will keep you apprised of developments.

- John Meed, President


The Regina Photo Club offers many opportunities to help improve your photography.  This can include In-Club print competitions, People’s Choice, Facebook digital competitions, the province wide SaskAm competition, as well as a Critique Night this year.

Competitions allow members to show their work, see the work of their peers, exchange ideas and techniques, and also receive constructive critiques by objective judges.  This is all accomplished in an informal friendly environment.

The Regina Photo Clubyearly holds In-Club print competitions.  With these competitions you can enter up to 5 prints in any of the 10 categories outlined. The photos are judged by a panel of judges on technical, composition, and impact aspects of photography.

More information on the In-Club can be found here.

“People’s Choice” competitions are when you bring a print to a meeting and then the members vote for their favorite photo. Bring your 8×10, 8.5×11 or 8×12 print to compete. It will be announced in advance if there will be a theme for “People’s Choice” for future meetings.

The Facebook group has a weekly themed competition.  You can enter 2 pictures and vote for your 3 favorite every week.   You must vote to compete in the competitions.