Jeff Hamon

Jeff Harmon

Jeff Hamon tries not to take himself too seriously. He is a landscape and portrait photographer who happens to have a day job at a desk and the camera is a creative outlet that also allows for some sideline income professionally. Frequent subjects are the power and beauty of storms, the formerly inhabited homes of the prairies and the stories they have to tell, and the uniqueness of sunsets and clouds.

Jeff has been a member of the Regina Photo Club for the past 5-6 years and became known as “the guy with the iPhone photos.” He is a firm believer that the camera is but a tool and that “the best camera is the one you have with you.” Although owning several DSLRs and lenses, he can still say that his mainly-used camera is the one in his back pocket which sometimes doubles as a texting and emailing device.

Having experience with both Android and Apple-based cell phone cameras, Jeff is currently a Samsung user. There are many, many “gimmick” or “instafilter” camera apps out there but he prefers to use straight-ahead camera.

For anyone who may be attending and/or wishes to check out some of the apps in advance (yes, there will be an interactive phone camera element to the presentation!).

For processing, #1 is Snapseed [Android, iOS]. Just do it. It is very powerful and cross-platform. It was recently purchased by a little company called Google. As well, Jeff uses Lightroom (yes, for mobile! [Android, iOS – iPhone & iPad]) and from time to time VSCO [Android, iOS].

For camera apps:
Android – Camera FV-5, Open Camera, A Better Camera (currently at a 90% off sale at time of writing), Snap Camera HDR.

Apple: ProCamera. (formerly ProCamera+ HDR), Camera+, NightCap Pro (this is a great app for slow-shutter!).

Jeff invites you to follow his phone and DSLR work online:
Jeff Hamon Scenic Fine Art
Jeff Hamon Photography
Or his official website